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Baby coyote




Finished bear skull

It's done! I'm thankful I didn't have to degrease this one, as I hear bears are horribly greasy, but it did have a lot of green staining (minerals?) from laying on the forest floor for a while.


Seal skull

I got a seal skull from someone on craigslist! Nice guy, we are going to keep in touch for trading.

It was still dirty but almost completely void of flesh. It's pallet was still intact so it kept all it's teeth!! No mandible though. It also had little sea bugs attached.


After some degreasing and using the power setting on the shower:

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It's nearly done already, I can't believe how fast it's processed. Will post pictures when it's done.



First of all, Spirit is now 4 months old and already 9.2 lbs :o she's a pound away from her moms weight (who's growth was stunted) her earspan from tip to tip is like 13 inches!

Secondly, I found a HOUSE to rent!! Or.. I should say WE found a house to rent!

I've never seen my bushy man so happy.

For so many years, I stayed with Nick because he promised to get me out of this house. I thought that meant he loved me.

Finally I realized I had to leave. And now a year later I have everything I need, including courage, to start a new life with someone I can call my loved one.. In a place I can call home. I will finally have a home.

And the best part is that I proved to myself I can do it by myself, on my own, and show my love to Bushman by pulling him out of a bad situation. Something I was always promised but never given.

It's a little garden suite/cottage and we have 2 bedrooms, a greenhouse, a sewing room, a fenced yard, and parking for all our cars.

The landlord is amazing. No pet deposit, damage deposit due in 1.5 months, I'm allowed to get a dog (not now, eventually), he loves the bunnies.. We lucked out.

I'm the happiest girl in the world right now. I have everything I need and now I can escape, just like I've always dreamed about.